Needed a simple drop down list

Feb 04, 2016

Help - I need a simple way to create a single drop down that is graded. I saw a video where you had to create layers and buttons which could be done, but how do you connect this to be graded?  Storyline is great and I can't believe there isn't a drop down feature that is only one with 4 to 5 choices and to be graded when chosen.  HELP PLEASE!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Leonora,

The only way would be if you were to set it up as a freeform question such as a pick one. Since the question has to exist on the base slide layer, you could adjust the state of an offstage object based on what happens on the layers - but it's a bit more steps and additional work. Have you looked at all the other drop down style questions - one of those may fit for your needs and involve a lot less work in terms of setting it up. 

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