Quiz Conundrum with Drop Down Answers

I'm trying to create a real quick test for learning using a series of five drop-down questions. I originally created these options in one question using a graded matching drop down. However, I then realized that these five different statements are all grouped together on the results slide, so even if the user gets four out of the five drop-downs correct, they still get a score of zero.

After realizing this, I changed the questions so there was only one question on each slide. However, making this change only allows you to enter one selection in the drop down (the right one!). Is there a work-around for this that I'm missing? There are six potential answers I'd like to use consistently across these five questions and it doesn't seem appropriate for a drag and drop, in my opinion.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Heinrich Bartie

Hi again all. Lauern, no worries, just sharing your pain

Saenna, the reason I wanted a dropdown list of possible answers (with one being correct) is best explained using the activity I was working on. See screenshot below

So I want the user to choose the correct RACI value for each of the cells in the Table shown. If I could have a drop down field with the possible answers, I could position that dropdown on the field itself. Granted, this would still require that I duplicate this question 28 times and show the next cell (and previous correct answer, as you will see in the next screenshot a few slides down the line) each time, but I feel a dropdown would work better than what I ended up using. The drag and drop question type with the drop field positioned in the relevant cell for the question.

Hope this explains my thinking?

Lauren, perhaps my tinkering can give you some kind of idea in solving your requirement?