Neue Frutiger World font line spacing

Our company introduced a new font for their branding style; Neue Frutiger World ( We are applying this to our templates and PowerPoint storyboards. Unfortunately the line spacing in PowerPoint is much different than the line spacing in Storyline, so designing a course in PowerPoint becomes impossible now (or a nightmare to adjust everything manually after importing).

Why is this difference there?
Is there anything we can do about this?

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Andrea Koehntop

Hi Paul!

I apologize for the issues you are experiencing with line spacing with Neue Frutiger World font.

I want to ask you a couple of follow-up questions to begin troubleshooting:

I look forward to your responses and helping you work through this issue!

Andrea Koehntop

Hi again Paul! 

Thank you for sharing those additional details.

Your issue is similar to a bug we are tracking and working on where Line Spacing when using Exactly [xx]pt will change after Importing from PowerPoint to Storyline.

One workaround you could try would be to set an aspect ratio of 4:3 in PowerPoint. Please keep in mind that this will solve the spacing issue in Storyline, but will make the font size appear smaller. 

Also, I have linked you to the bug so that you will receive updates should there be any news on this issue. 

Please let me know if the workaround helps for now, and if there's anything else I can help you with!