SL2 having trouble understanding Univers font naming convention?

Univers fonts, and others designed by Frutiger (Helvetica Neue, Frutiger, Avenir, etc.) have an unusual naming convention using a pair of numbers to indicate weight and type of font, and it looks like SL2 doesn't understand or interpret these names correctly all the time. In InDesign when I select Univers Com I see a full list of all of the different styles. However in SL2 the font menu only contains about half of them. And applying bold to regular weights sometimes provides a bolded screen image but not bold when previewed or published. I'm still trying to understand what is going on but there definitely are some oddities happening between these Frutiger-designed fonts. (This may relate to some of the comments regarding Helevetica Neue which uses a similar numbering system.)

Has anyone else experienced this or have suggestions?

Attaching two screen shots: 1) font menu in InDesign showing the proper structure, and 2) the font menu in SL2 with missing items.

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Brett Rockwood

Hi Ashley,

They do all appear in Notepad but not completely in Word. What is weird is that applying bold to 57 (a normal weight condensed font) appears lighter than applying bold to 47 (a light weight condensed font).

This can probably be attributed to the poor way Windows handles fonts and not to SL — and why graphic designers overwhelming prefer Macs. ;-)