New Accessible Player Keyboard Shortcuts not working

New Accessible Player Keyboard Shortcuts not working. 
Shift+? shows the new accessibility screen with all the new keyboard commands. But those keyboard shortcuts on that new screen do not work, for example:

Ctrl+Alt+M   (Mute/unmute audio)
Ctrl+Alt+P  (Play/pause)
Ctrl+Alt+.    (Next slide)

... not working. I've tried with Chrome on Windows 10, Chrome on Mac, and publishing to Review 360.

I imagine that all the keyboard commands on this announcement page should work on Mac and Windows and across browsers, correct?


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Jeff Nye

Can someone please take a look? Please click on the first link and try to mute the file as it plays using Command+Alt+m - just hold the Control and Alt (option on Mac) keys and the letter "m" all at once. Se if the sound mutes or not when you do that.

I have been using most recent release version 3.48. After setting the accessibility checkbox in the Player settings on a brand new file, uploaded it to Review 360. Keyboard commands (other than Shift+?) don't work:

That file is here on Google Drive for you to download and look at:

If you do take a look then please tell me if you can get any of the Command+Alt commands to work, and what browser / OS combination you are using.



Lauren Connelly

Hello Jeff!

I see that you've reached out to our Support Engineers in a support case regarding this issue. My teammate, Chester, has logged this as a possible software bug where the keyboard shortcuts are working differently in a Mac environment. 

We'll continue investigating this issue with our Engineers and update you in your case when we have news to share. I appreciate you taking the time to share this with us!

Jeff Forrer

Hello, I am having issues with the shortcuts as well.  They sometimes work, sometimes don't work. 

I am running the latest build of SL360 on Win 10, so is my client.  Testing with preview, in LMS, Review and with/without JAWS with same results.

I also have the issue with the conflicting Ctrl + Alt + Z shortcut with Nvidia Graphics application, and changed that applications shortcut to something else which helped.

We have tested on their and my setup, with mixed results.  Sometimes the shortcut for Next works, sometimes it does not.  I also find on question pages with Submit, the shortcut won't work, sometimes does after multiple attempts or sometimes by clicking on the slide to change focus (even though focus is still on the slide). 

Perhaps their are certain conditions that we may be missing that cause the shortcuts to fail?

Thanks for any insight.

Becca Levan

Hello Jeff!

Excellent call on opening a case with our Support Engineers ⭐️

I see my teammate, Lejan, logged this as a possible bug where the Next shortcut (Ctrl + ALT + . ) fails when jumping over to another scene and does not resolve itself thereafter.

For now, the workaround is to add a trigger to change the state of the next button to normal when the timeline starts on the next slide. (Great find, by the way!)

Thanks for raising this. We'll share any updates with you!