New employee onboarding course

May 22, 2018

Great course (in Rise) we like to use for our employees.

Does this course work for just Articulate Storyline 3 as well?

How to receive a copy for this training?

Best regards,


Rob Gabriels

Dynniq (NL)


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Nicole Legault

Hi there Rob!

Thanks for leaving your comment in the community. I'm so glad you like this example and find it useful. 

I think this is the Rise course you refer to: Rise: New Employee Orientation 

I wasn't sure if you were requesting a copy of the Rise version or not, so to be safe, I did just send you a copy of the Rise version to your Dynniq email address. So you now have a copy of the Rise version of this.

For Storyline, I have also created a sample new employee orientation course. You can find it and download it here: Storyline 360: New Employee Orientation Course Template. It should work in both Storyline 360 and Storyline 3. 

I hope this answers your questions! :) Have a great day!