New in Storyline 360: 64-bit App (Beta)

Nov 28, 2023

Creating media-rich and other complex projects in Storyline 360 just got better. Thanks to the 64-bit app, now available in beta, you'll enjoy faster authoring and increased stability no matter what you've got in the works.

So, how can you access this version of Storyline 360? Simply update your Articulate 360 desktop app, then click the Install button next to the Storyline 360 app with the 64-bit and beta labels. That's it!

64-bit Storyline

Excited to check this feature out? Articulate 360 subscribers can access 64-bit Storyline 360 right away. And if you want to try this highly-requested feature but don't have Articulate 360, just start a free 30-day trial. For more details about 64-bit Storyline 360, check out this article: Storyline 360: 64-bit App.

This feature is currently in beta—meaning it's still a work in progress. We'll continue to refine it, using your feedback as guidance. Comment below to share your experience using 64-bit Storyline 360. We'd love to hear from you!

93 Replies
Daniel McHugh

Absolutely! It is when i get up to 300, 400, 500 slides into an interactive graphic novel that you wish you had the 64 bit! Not an everyday event but it does happen.

Daniel McHugh

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Jerry Ozbun

I am very happy to see you finally coming up to speed for x64 architecture, but right now I cannot take advantage of this verison.

X64 is opening my sims fine, however the x64 version is missing the "Action Fine Tuning" option and I use this pretty heavily in certain simulation types. Opening the same simulation in the non-x64 version I still have that feature.

Steven Benassi

Hi Jerry!

Thanks for reaching out and sharing the feedback!

Screen recording in 64-bit Storyline is still under development and we've been tracking an open feature request related to this functionality. I've included you in the feature report so you can be notified as soon as we have updates to share.

Have a great rest of your week!

Matthias Lohr

Maybe it was naive to hope that the 64bit update would come with other improvements. Storyline looks and feels just as old as ever. No high DPI Mode for 4K & 5k Monitors. It looks like sh*t on a high res Display. And of course no Mac version. 

I now try to avoid it as much as possible and only use it when someone explicitly requests Storyline for a course. Which fortunately happens less and less often.