NEW IN STORYLINE 360: More Triggers Panel Workflow Enhancements

Feb 04, 2020

We love hearing about how the new triggers panel and workflow in Storyline 360 are helping you be more productive. That’s why we’re so excited to announce this latest batch of enhancements that make working with triggers, conditions, and variables faster and easier than ever. 

  • Triggers: Now you can select multiple triggers and edit them all at once. Easily copy, paste, move, disable, and delete triggers in bulk. 
  • Conditions: Now you can reorder trigger conditions and paste conditions across triggers to copy them from one trigger to another. 
  • Variables: Now you can select multiple variables and then copy, paste, or delete them at the same time. 

We think you’ll love these new ways to streamline your workflow! 

See multi-select triggers in action:

See paste conditions across triggers in action:


See multi-select variables in action:

See reorder trigger conditions in action:



8 Replies
Shari Pobjecky

I need help finding the right combination of triggers/variables that will allow my story project to display page numbers correctly. I have a total of 65 slides/screens.

My story project that starts with a few introductory slides, 1-5, then goes to a Main Menu that has click-to-branch. The learner selects a module, visits those 5 screens, then returns to the Main Menus to select the next module which branches to different set of 5 screens, so on. 

How do I instruct story to number the screens 1-65?

Thanks for your advice. The online helps don't address this clearly.