NEW IN STORYLINE 360: Reorder Conditions in the New Trigger Wizard

Nov 19, 2019

The new trigger workflow in Storyline 360 just got even better with an easier way to reorder trigger conditions. Now you can just drag conditions up and down the list if you want to change their order:

trigger conditions

To take advantage of this new feature, you’ll need to install the latest update for Storyline 360 and make sure you’re using the new triggers panel. It’s full of helpful time-savers like these! We think you’ll love how it helps you save time in your workflow. 

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Jeff Forrer

I agree, the overhaul of the Triggers window has saved us countless hours in development already! Being able to edit/add/remove triggers much more efficiently is one of the best improvements and time savers added to Storyline yet.  

Also, being able to disable a trigger from running but still being able to keep it as a trigger is another great feature and timesaver! It has helped many times already.   Thank you!

Walter Bosello

I love the new feature. However I've encountered a bug with conditions who don't seem to be met in the case of a variable changing with multiple cases attached to its values.
say I have a text variable called "es_status" and it changes over time, and I have a shape called "FEED" which must change state depending on "es_status"'s value, it will always change to the last trigger's state property even though the condition is not met.......
...this may be a little confusing to read so I'll attach a picture but bare in mind I downgraded to 3.30 

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