New potential Storyline user needs information/help

We have been using Studio for a few years now and are looking to move to Storyline, but there are a few things I am not clear on that I am hoping the hive mind can answer for me.

Our Studio developed courses currently run on the Inquisiq R3 LMS in a hosted environment.  If I create something in Storyline and publish it as an HTML5 course (we want them to play on mobile devices, primarily iPads), can we just run it on our existing LMS and have users access the course on their iPads?  If we do that, will the course run inside a browser or do they need the Articulate mobile app or is the app only needed if the course is on the Articulate Online LMS?

This is a fairly large step for us to take on behalf of a client that needs to have mandatory training courses taken on iPads, and the ability to take the courses anywhere and have the learners progress tracked through the LMS.  If possible we want to stay with our current LMS provider.

The process of running Storyline developed courses on mobile devices and the Articulate mobile app doesn't seem to be very clear, but maybe I am just looking in the wrong place.  If anyone has an example of a Storyline developed course running from their LMS (not Articulate Online) that I could view on an iPad that would be really helpful.  Thanks!

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Nancy Woinoski

Andrew Kay said:

Thanks Matthew, that sounds like the information I needed.  If you check both boxes will it play in the browser OR the Mobile Player or is it an either/or option?

If you check both boxes the course will play in the mobile player if the user has it installed on their iPad; otherwise, it will play in the browser. Like Phil says if you want to use the mobile player your LMS has to support Tincan and you would have to publish your Storyline course using this LMS option instead of SCORM 1.2 , SCORM 2004 or AICC. If your LMS does not support Tincan then I would advise not selecting the Articulate Mobile option when you publish the course.