Stoyline, HTML5 and quiz

Oct 28, 2014

Hi All,

We are testing our e-learning courses (created by using Storyline Gen 1 not 2) on our iPads.  When I didn't check the HTML5 option (only "tablet" instead) to publish an e-course, it will only load within the Articulate iPad app (not under an additional Safari tab), and seems like the quiz result and our LMS/Safari did not talk to each other because if we get 100% on the quiz the course progress will still record/show nothing. 

Instead, after I checked the HTML5 option in addition to the "tablet" option when publishing in Storyline, the e-course loaded within Safari on the iPad without using the Articulate iPad app, and getting enough scores on the quiz will update the mobile LMS to show user completion.  However, the courseware does not run very smoothly. 

Has anyone here had the same experience?  Do I have to use HTML5 to publish courses for iPads?  If not, how can I make sure the quiz results in the Articulate iPad app will update the mobile LMS/Safari as well? Sharing will be very much appreciated.  Thank you.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Claire!

If you need to track the courses in your LMS, and it does not support Tin Can, you can use Articulate Online, or you can use the HTML5 output and have users view on mobile Safari.

While many of the features in your course will look and behave exactly the same, some may not. Before you design for mobile, review this article here, and this one as well,  to find out how mobile deployment may impact your course.

If you have specific concerns about how the course is running, you can upload it here and we can test the HTML5 output on iPads.

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