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Aug 06, 2012

Sorry if this has been answered earlier.  

The last time I tested, if Storyline publishes for HTML5 and Mobile Player, iPad users get no choice but to download the Mobile Player.  iPad apps need to be approved before downloads are permitted on many (most) corporate iPads, so the option to play in Safari, could be critical in many cases. 

Are there plans to provide iPad users with the option to play Storyline on HTML5 (Safari) or Mobile Player without having to create two separately published versions of a Storyline course?

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john reynolds

Hi Peter,

I'm just about to make a decision between adobe C6 and Articulate story line (ASL) - to be honest, it's gotta be ASL. It's just so easy and managable..and produces great stuff.

One of the reasons I wanted to go down this route was to enable quizzes to be seen across a whole range of devices using HTML5.

I'm using primarily the short answer (blank line) quiz question - ideally, I'd like the full essay type question - but I don't think this is available?

But, this is what my developer has written:

The quizzes are using HTML5 to a certain extent but they are not using it as intended and the result is rather poor.  and the accessibility is very poor.  Quizzes are functional in all current web browsers. They can be viewed on Android Devices (mobile/tablet) but due to not being able to resize the screen they cannot view the whole screen and not being touch enabled they cannot be moved on these devices to enable anyone to take the quiz.
iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) owners can purchase an Articulate viewer app, but I've no experience of this.
For the above reasons I would advise against using these quizzes publicly.  

Any suggestions how I could improve his experience or the experience of the user?

I'm going with ASL - that can only improve??

Peter Anderson

Hi John, welcome to Heroes!

This great table compares the Storyline features that are supported in the Flash Player, HTML5, and the Articulate Mobile Player app for iPad. It's a good idea to refer to the table during the planning and development stages of your Storyline projects to achieve the best results in the environments you're planning to publish to. And to confirm your last question, because HTML5 is still so young, the capabilities and functionality of the software when published for HTML5 will only improve as HTML5 matures. 

I'd also like to add, that if you're experiencing behavior in any of your published courses that seem unexpected or erratic, we'd encourage you to contact our support team to see what we can do to help. 

Thanks, and welcome again

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