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Jul 17, 2014

It appears that whenever I try to launch a Storyline course on the iPad, the 'download the Articulate mobile player from iTunes' message appears, with no way to bypass it. In other words, you can't play the course using mobile Safari. I have had the mobile player on my iPad but because TinCan is not available on my institutions Blackboard LMS I received the can't play message. so I deleted the mobile player, intending to play the course on Safari. this has worked in the past. But now when I open the course, I cannot get past being forced to download the player, and if I do so, I won't be able to access the course. I suggest that this needs looking into.

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Errol Muir

Thanks Brett. I did think that selecting both those options (which is what I usually do) would give the user the best of both worlds - if they have mobile player installed, then that is how it would play, and if not installed, then it would play in Safari. However it does appear that if the "Use Articulate Mobile Player on iPad" selection is made when publishing it forces the viewer to install Articulate Mobile Player. To me this does not seem to be good practice.

john faulkes


While agreeing with you on making it more flexible, there is a workaround (irritating but it should work).

You could publish two different versions of the course, one with and one without the AMP option.

Then create a very short Storyline course (itself without the AMP option), which is loaded first; it explains the situation to the user and then links on to one or the other.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Leon,

If you point to the story.html link, Storyline will determine which version to display for your users based on how they're accessing the content. There is not a feature to allow the user to determine which version to view it through, although if you'd like to point directly to the story_html5.html link that would bypass the download AMP prompt if you included that as a publishing option.

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