Can't Play Audio in Storyline Output on IOS 7.1.1

I'm having trouble getting media to play in my storyline output on my ipad.

  • I have IOS 7.1.1
  • I have the latest update of Articulate Storyline installed
  • My slides are set to advance by user
  • When publishing I am selecting to include html5 output, use articulate mobile player on ipad, allow downloading for offline viewing
  • When I go to access the scorm package in the LMS I only have one play option, and it is not the Articulate Storyline player (it's a separate tab - still in Safari)
  • The video in slide 2 of my presentation plays like a charm - but most of the others do not play.
  • I tried clicking around the enabled seekbar, pausing, playing, seeking - it doesn't help.

Anyone have any ideas?

Many thanks,


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Heidi,

Have you tried testing your course on another server? 

I suggest using SCORM Cloud for your course - it's a great place to test SCORM content.

If you see the same behavior when testing on another server, we may want to take a look at the file. I'm currently running an iPad 2 with the same iOS installed. If you'd like to share your .story file here, I'd be happy to take a look. 

Also, if you're able to share the URL for the course that's currently being hosted by your LMS, that would help as well. 

If the file's too large (over 20MB) please try importing one or two of the problem slides into a new Storyline file.