New retry quiz feature

Jan 29, 2019


I love this new feature but I am having problems with the retry quiz. The review is working as it should, however, when I retry the quiz it is bringing back the first question regardless of the fact that I answered it correctly. 

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

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nikki jackson

Hi Wendy

Yes it is, as it is on all my quiz slides. I've looked into this a bit more and I have found that when I add the retry button in the design tab it automatically adds two triggers. The one that 'reset results' and another that is 'jump to slide..'  Because the second trigger is set to go to question 1 I assume this is what the problem is. However, I have tried deleting the second trigger but then the retry button does not work. 

Am I doing something wrong!

Wendy Farmer

I see what you mean and I'm not sure there is a solution to that. As that is the sequence it is checking each slide (quite quickly but you can still see the flash) I have done something similar but it was a lot of work where I had a white rectangle over the entire slide and used variable to show hide the rectangle and because it's just a split second the white wasn't as in your face as a slide with different colours etc.

Hopefully Articulate staff can chime in with a solution. Sorry i couldn't be more help.

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