New slide/layer transition - Crossover Fade / FadeIn&FadeOut

Aug 28, 2019


Just wanted to check if some people here would like to see a new transitions, which I think is fairly easy to make and will solve MANY animating issues. I believe Storyline Staff can prioritize some new features in answer to the community high demand :)

We have "Fade" transition for now, but it works like this:

I have slide/layer A, i click to show Slide/Layer B.
Slide/Layer B changes it's opacity from 0 to 100 in specified time. But! The opacity of Slide/Layer A stays 100 and goes to 0 instantly when Slide/Layer B transition finishes.

Due to this behavior, there are transition glitches that doesn't look nice.
Let's say we have two text boxes. One on the base layer, second on the slide layer. Textbox on slide layer will change it's opacity on the top of the textbox on the base layer, which doesn't look good in that brief moment of ~1 second.
Also, when you hide something from the base layer using layer 'eye', it will disappear immediately, without any animation, which also doesn't look nice.

You can check on the following link what does I mean be new transitions:

Of course we can achieve that using some workarounds, but it produces more problems (like you have 4 layers that you can switch between - you must then do separate layer of only animation, like Layer 1 > Layer 4, Layer 4 > Layer 1 or Layer 3 > Layer 2. For only four layers it's additional 12 layers of animation alone).

How does you guys out there see that feature?


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