New state plays before its due to play in the time line

Mar 01, 2016

I have a weird thing happening with one slide.

I have a character that has two states.  State 1 is 'normal' and state 2 is 'Girl'. There is a variable named character that is set a value of girl or boy which for this example I am doing using a trigger (rather than sending the whole project).

When the slide plays the boy scenario it all works fine and the character appears 6 seconds into the slide. However when the value is set to girl to change the state to the second state it all goes very wrong and the character immediately appears.

Do any of you clever folk out there have any clues as to why this is happening?



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wes sykes

Thanks for replying so quickly Michael.

That works so I'll use that method Thanks.
I have 15 more of these instances of the story either showing a girl or a boy and they all work as expected. 

I now know why, so it may be a bug.

If you have more than one character on the slide and one of the characters changes states then the timeline becomes irrelevant on the second state.

So in my example above if the character is the boy (Normal state) then he comes in after 6 seconds (as per the timeline) but if the character is set to Girl (Girl State) then the character comes in immediately, ignoring the timeline which is 6 seconds.

This only happens when there are 2 or more characters on the slide.

This is only an issue if you want the state changing character to come in after all of the other characters.


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