New to Articulate -- basic question about hosting courses after they're published.

Mar 21, 2018

Hi everyone,

I serve a client who currently uses Teachable to host his online courses. I want to take his courses to the next level (i.e., add interactivity to increase engagement/retention). I want to recommend Articulate 360 to my client, but he is already invested (hosting his video/PDF-based courses) in Teachable. It seems that Teachable will not accept Flash or HTML5 content:

Any guidance that anyone could give me on how (if?) Teachable could be leveraged to offer courses created inside Articulate 360 would be MOST appreciated!


Allyson Baughman

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Richard Anciado

Hi Allyson.

I am not an expert with Teachable but it should be possible. You can add an iframe that loads a Rise course inside. I went and signed up at Teachable to try it out. See below.

rise inside teachable

That's a sample Rise course loaded inside Teachable. Here's how I did it.

  1. Go to Find the sample project Employee Health and Wellness.
  2. Click the share button at the top right. We will use this link for our iframe later. You can read more about it here. Check the part about Shareable Web Link.
  3. Go to your Teachable account. Inside your lecture, select Add Text tab and click on html.html
  4. Add the following code. Change the text Your project link with your actual link. 
    <iframe src="Your project link" height="700" width="100%"></iframe>
  5. That's it. You should be able to see the sample project embedded inside Teachable.

Important notes:

  • Using the shareable web link for Rise will not save the learner's progress. This means users will go back to the beginning of the course whenever they reload the page or iframe.
  • There are probably other ways to integrate with Teachable. Maybe a video? Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like they support SCORM/Tin Can API (you may want to double check with them). If they do, then that's even better.
  • You might encounter some unforeseen problems as you integrate with Teachable. I highly recommend building a small sample project to see if Articulate can work with Teachable at the level you want.

Let me know how it works out for you. Cheers!

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