New to E-learning and need help with trigger/states and variables.


This is my second e-learning challenge.

On the slide attached I am trying to get a tick to appear when each section has been completed.

I have tried triggering states and using  variables, but I just can't see why it's not working.

Here is the link into review 360



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David Schwartz

Hi Sharon,

Without seeing the Storyline file itself, a little hard to be sure about how your buttons are built, but it looks like they are grouped items, which don't support states.

If you use the built-in buttons (unfortunately none are circular, but you can get rounded), you could edit the Visited state of the buttons to add the tick mark you want.

You can also use separate objects whose states by default are hidden, and use variables to turn them on, although that would require a number of triggers.


David Schwartz

Hi Sharon,

I did a quick edit, and added a Visited state to each button. I also removed the triggers you had for changing the object states, as those are built in. So Hover works when the mouse hovers over the object, Selected works when you click the object, and Visited after you have clicked. I've left the Selected state in place, although you really don't need it. 

I also made a single trigger to disable the Next button at the start of the slide timeline; you had a trigger at the start of each of the graphic buttons' timelines, which were not really needed. I finally added a trigger that changes the state of the Next button to Normal when all 4 of the graphic buttons' states are set to Visited.

There are other ways to do this, including the use of variables, but in this case you really don't need them.