New to hiring a Freelancer

Jan 23, 2015

Hello! I am new to the freelance arena. We will have opportunity for on-demand design and build opportunities over the next year. I am starting my search to find a freelancer that can take projects that are built on a storyboard with script and notes already complete and "build" them in Storyline and deliver the final product for release in SCORM. Any advice? Anyone have an average rate per hour for the design and build only? Or have you paid per project?


Thanks for the information!!!

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Joe Shultheis

I too am available as a freelance/contracter. I have been creating elearning for one bajillion years now and am quite good and rapid elearning is becoming more and more the bulk of my work lately. My guess is you will overwhelmed with potential candidates.  I would be happy to provide you with samples and rates if you wish. contact me at: if you wish and good luck to you Mel

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