New user questions :)

Jul 20, 2012

First, I am so happy for the superior support forums and process you have set up here.  Other companies need to take a lesson from you folks!

As a new user who is jumping into the deep end, I wanted to see recommendations for tutorials that I should hit first...

I am digging into storyline and would love some advice...


Johnathan Brouwer
Senior Producer, Business Storytelling
CVC Communications
811 Lawrence Drive.Fort Wayne.IN.46804 
Direct 260-432-4747 x 258 Cell 260-341-6564
visit our website at
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Jonathan Workman

Johnathan - Welcome to the forums and welcome to Storyline!  Here is the best place to start:

This takes you on a logical progression through Storyline from understanding the UI and adding content to exploring more advanced topics.

Another good idea is to download files that people post to the forums and investigate what they did to achieve their desired result.  I have learned a lot using this technique.  Best of luck and always remember to post any questions you may have here!

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