New- Whiteboard/Cork board Office Theme

Sep 09, 2013

Here is a template I put together for work I do. I thought it turned out well and figured I'd share it for anyone who was looking for the same. The folder is zipped as it contains the fonts I installed and used to seal the deal on the overall theme. I highly recommend using these fonts with this template. Thanks! Enjoy! 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brett and welcome to Heroes!

Thanks for sharing your template here (although it wasn't a zipped file - just a .pptx)! I love the font for the whiteboards that definitely look like a white board marker. I also really the variety in the video placeholders, especially the old school TV. Haven't seen one like that in awhile!   

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Susan,

Are you seeing a weird XML screen instead of a download box or prompt? I get that sometimes here in the community with Firefox. In fact, I just checked now and it happened, although I had no problem earlier. Can you try a different browser? I just tried with Internet Explorer and Chrome and it worked correctly.

Or, perhaps you can just close out your browser and try again.

Weird when that happens...oh, welcome to the community!

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