Newbie - Starting slide and error with compare exercise - both answers appear

Oct 23, 2020


I have two problems I am trying to solve in this scene (see attached).

1. The scene is starting at Slide 1.2 instead of with Slide 1.1.  In Scene view, the slides show in the correct order. What have I done wrong here?

2. Data entered into slide 1.4 appears on slide 1.5 when the "Your answer" tab is selected (good). BUT the data entered also appears when the "Other answers" tab is selected.

The setup is the same as slides 1.2 and 1.3, however 1.2 and 1.3 work correctly




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Garth Yorko

Problem 1:  The correct slide is showing when previewing.  The incorrect order is showing in the Menu.  To correct, click the Player button on the Home tab and then click the Menu button.  You can reorder them or Reset from Story.  That should solve your order issue in the menu.

Problem 2:  If one is working and the other is not, copy the slide that works and paste it in the right spot.  Then edit the characters, text, and variables.  That seemed to work for me.

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