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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Kendra - Hopefully your fellow community members will chime in with their best practices/suggestions for this scenario. 

You mention embedding and web object. If you've embedded a video, you should be able to utilize the 'when media completes' for your trigger, but if it's a web object that functions independently of the slide timeline, then those timeline triggers would not be entirely accurate or guarantee that the user watched a video.

Sounds like you are on the right track though :)

Michael Shannon

As Leslie stated, you can't tie variables to a video event if it's a web object. Some video streaming services offer APIs that allow you to "listen" to the video which you can tie to variables. I've had success doing this with Vzaar and Brightcove but I haven't with YouTube. Maybe someone can offer a success story there. 

Since you put your video on a layer why not tie it to the close of the layer? 

  1. Create a close button (it can just be an "x" in a circle) and place it on the video layer. 
  2. Put a trigger on it that hides the layer when user clicks
  3. Put another trigger under it (also on the layer) to change state of next button to normal when user clicks close button. 

This has the advantage of letting the user determine when they are finished with the video (they can pause, play, rewind) and it doesn't add any level of complexity to your course.