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Mar 14, 2016


I need urgent help on this.

I am integrating a video from external server link. 

1. The video should play in on the same slide.
2. "Next screen" button (or a layer) will display after viewing complete video.

I am not able to assign a trigger for displaying a layer or button after completing the linked video.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sagar!

So you are utilizing a web object then, not embedding the video? Even if you display in the slide, the timeline will not be accurate. You may need to adjust the timeline on the slide to accommodate your web object. 

You could then set the Next button to hidden on timeline start and normal on timeline end.

Perhaps others in the community have suggestions/ideas to assist in your design.

Sagar Mavale

Thanks for the suggestion Mike.

I have developed a slide as you suggested, and it worked. Now there is a issue in the file, and I am not able to resolve it as I am new in JS & HTML. 

Once the video is complete a layer is shown which includes Replay and Continue buttons. When reply button is clicked it jumps on same slide which is "reset to initial state". But the video is not autoplay in this case, as well as the layer is not shown again on completing the video.

These are the major issues I am facing in this file.

One more thing, I dont want the .swf file linked in the course, Can i make it with pure Htm5 player?

Mike B.

I'm sorry for the late reply. I think you will have to access the javascript "play" or "restart" feature to make the video start playing again, since are staying on the same slide. If you left the slide and came back to it, so that the video was reloaded, it would probably play by itself.

The layer did show up for me, each time I completed the video. Which browser were using using and was it in flash?

Do you mean that you do not want a Flash version of the course to display at all, only HTML5? If so, there are some ways to do this that involve editing the published files. Currently, you can't publish to only HTML5. That was just recently being discuss here:

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