Adding a timer

I want the user to click on a button to stop a video and reveal to the used how long the video was running.

I have added a trigger to stop the video when they click STOP, but should I add a condition or something else that will reveal the length of time it took the user to click the button to make the video stop?

This scenario (video) is on a separate layer and starts playing when the user clicks start, reveals video layer and video starts playing.  I am not sure if I can link the timeline of the layer to anything to identify the length of time.



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Brian Allen

There are no built in options for reading the time code of your video....  not sure if the video playbar shows the elapsed time or not??

You could probably build this functionality in but it would require building some kind of custom clock that increments by one at each second on the timeline, and would be a ton of work to build, especially for long videos.

Walt Hamilton


This is a sample I made for someone who wanted to score the user on how much of a video they watched.

The slide notes explain how it works.

You don't have to set it up as a quiz slide, you can transfer the time value to another variable when they click, and do with it what you want. Or if clicking hides the layer, the timer will stop (the variable won't continue to change), and you can use Variable1 like it is.

Brian Allen
Walt Hamilton

I have been successful using it on masters

Ah, yes, Michael is brilliant.  I was thinking that this might be something that could be done on a master slide, good to know.  All you'd need to do is reset the variable at the beginning of the slide if you are using a timer on multiple slides and need it to start from zero...