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Aug 26, 2013

There was an excellent web tutoral that recently went out on how to make an interactive video slide.  I wanted to make a small modification but can't figure it out.  On the tutoral, buttons would appear and you could click on them to stop the video and call up a slide layer for more information that would overlay part of the video.  When you closed the information box on the layer it would allow the video to continue playing.  My issue is that the buttons come up and if the user does not click them then the video continues to play and the button appear and disappear as the video continues.  I would like the video to automatically stop playing if they get to a cue point and have not clicked the earlier button to display the layer information.  Is it possible to have a video stop without user intervention if they have not clicked on a button during the timeline?

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Gary Weaver

Tried it but the timeline continues.  I have the buttons set to appear and disappear depending on the cue point.  The video does stop as you showed but the timeline continues and the buttons show up and disappear as the timeline continues while the video is stopped.  The result is that the buttons continue through their sequence on the timeline with a stopped video.  The buttons are to set to show layers that have information about particular steps in the video.

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