SL3 - Video Audio Issue (9/26/2017)

Sep 26, 2017

Hello Articulate community!

I am having an issue with my audio playback after closing a layer with a video placed on it.


Here is the setup:

  • Main Slide, two buttons (each leading to a layer with a video)
  • You click on button 1, the layer pops up, the video is 45 seconds long, the timeline is set to 5 seconds, with the video and all objects playing until end of slide.
  • If you close the layer out after 5 seconds is up, the audio from the video continues on even on the base layer until another layer is opened and another video starts.


Any suggestions?





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Ali Goulet

Hey Justin!

Is the video on the layer inserted as a web object? If so, we're seeing the same thing you're seeing- that the audio will continue when the layer is hidden in HTML5.

We're working with our team to develop next steps, and I'll be sure to add your file to the bug report. I'll also notify you here as soon as I get new information. I apologize for the headaches this is causing you!

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