Audio issue with publishing to video format

Mar 21, 2019

I created audio (Text to Speech) in slides.  There are auto triggers to start and move to each slide.  After publishing, when I view it, the audio player does not play until 25 seconds into the entire presentation (slide 2 layer 2).  Towards the end of the layer, it suddenly picks up the audio from earlier layers.  Is anyone else having this type of issue?


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David Shook

The issue when slides automatically advance that the audio on the next slide does not immediately play is a known issue. There are a few threads that cover it. The only way to get around this is to have the slides advance by clicking the next button.

Curiously, I have a project that consists of multiple scenes, each of which includes a View Mode simulation. The slides in each simulation auto advance. I added audio to key spots in each simulation by adding a frame with the audio as its only content. I set the properties of these frames to not hide the other slide layers and to pause the base layer. I added a trigger to the base layer to show the audio layer when the base layer started. I added a trigger to the audio layer to hide the audio layer when it ended (see attached image). The audio immediately plays when these slides play. One thing that is a bit different is that the auto advance trigger is Player trigger instead of a Slide trigger. I couldn't find a way to manually add a Player "Jump to next slide When the timeline ends" trigger though. And when I copied that trigger to other non-simulation recorded slides, the audio did not immediately play on the slide that was advanced to automatically due to the copied Player trigger.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Donna,

We'd be happy to take a look at your file and narrow down what's happening. The issue David mentioned isn't ringing any bells, but if you link to that discussion I can track it down. 

If you'd both like to share files you can upload here in E-Learning Heroes by clicking this link or send directly to our Support Team

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Glad to hear you've got it working, Donna. If you need help again let us know and if you're able to share the .story file that'll help! 

Also, I noticed that your email signature came through when you replied via email. You can remove that if you would like by clicking Edit beneath your response. Here’s a quick Peek video if you need help.

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