SL 360 - Audio Issues - When published as a MP4 it does not play audio on base layer then adds this audio to the 2nd layer.

Mar 05, 2020

I am working on publishing a SL file to a mp4. When I play the file within SL it plays just fine. If I publish it as a mp4 then it places the audio from a base layer to the 2nd layer and plays 2 audio files at once. I have published several other files today and yesterday and did not have this issue. I even sent it to a co-worker and they had the same issue. Thank you for any help! 

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Katie Riggio

Good morning, Melissa!

Let's tackle this together!

Do you have an interactive slide that requires learners to click buttons that show different layers? If so, we'll need to adjust those triggers or create new ones to execute when the timeline of each layer ends. For example:


Let me know if the audio still overlaps in the published .MP4 file after that change. We'll keep digging!

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