Next Button (enable after branching slides complete)


I was wondering if there is a way to enable the next button on a slide after the branching slides attached are viewed in SL 360? I've tried a few different triggers and variables to no avail. The next button remains disabled upon returning to it after the branching slides are viewed. Any advice is appreciated!

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Randy Hill

I agree with Wendy, it would help to see the course, however you could use a true false variable for each of the branching slides, change the variable to true when the slide has been visited or it's timeline ends, and then back on the main slide, change the next button to available only when all variables are true.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Susan

here is a basic sample file where the user starts at one slide goes to a scene returns to the main slide goes to another scene returns to the main slide then goes to the final slide.  It's done just using built in states.

The next button is disabled when timeline starts on the main slide and next button is triggered when timeline starts on the main slide on condition button one and two are visited.  The revisit option of the slide is set to 'resume saved states'

Randy Hill

Susan, Here is what I normally do. Some browsers are finicky with the change on state trigger, so I use both that and change on timeline start when conditions met trigger. I also add a trigger on change to hidden when condition object 1 or object 2 are not equal to visited. Hope this helps.

I also take of the selected state of the buttons. They are not needed since you are jumping to another slide. Just normal, hover, and visited are all that is needed.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Susan

here is your file updated.

I removed the Selected state and button set and all triggers to make the objects visited.

I changed the triggers to 'when timeline starts' on the main slide

I changed the revisit option to 'resumed saved state'

It works for me no matter which order you select the buttons...hope that helps