Next button hanging off screen after SL3 Update

Jun 24, 2021


This seems like a really silly question that should have a very obvious answer, but I cant seem to figure it out.

I recently updated an old Storyline 2 file to Storyline 3, and without making adjustments to my player template or story size, I noticed that the NEXT button is hanging off the screen in the SL3 version. Oddly enough, I only see this when I'm previewing the entire course, as well as in the published output:

When I preview a single slide, the next button seems to be in the right spot:

What is happening?! Ideally, I want the next button to be in the dark grey area of my player, not overlapping my content window. 

Any thoughts?



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Judy Nollet

Hi, Bridgitte,

That is very weird behavior. Best guess is that the file got corrupted when it was updated. 

Try this: create a new SL3 file with the appropriate dimensions and player settings. Then import the slides from the possibly-corrupted SL3 file into the new SL3 file. 

If that works, problem solved. If it doesn't, I suggest you contact the Articulate staff directly. You can do that here: