Next button not activating when re-vsiting the slide

Jan 04, 2017

Here is the situation.

I have 2 buttons on slide 1. first button goes to slide 2 and second button to slide 3.

On slide 1 I have given the triggers as

  1. Change state of next button as disable when timeline starts 
  2. Change state of next button as normal when timeline ends


So when I click on buttons 1 or 2 and then go back to slide 1 then the next button does not activate.

 published version of the query is attached

Please help. 

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Dave Cox

Hi Parul,

Yes, that is the expected behavior in Storyline.

When you start the timeline, you are setting the next button to disabled. This is true even though you enabled it when you got to the end of the timeline, assuming you got to the end of the timeline.

It sounds like you want the next button to be enabled after you leave the slide, and come back to it. Here is a demo I created that will do that. I set a variable, to track if slide 1 has been visited before. If not, then disable the next button. The trigger only activates then, on the first visit to slide 1. 

I've attached the file so you can look at it.

parul khare

I have one more query.

I have 3 layers on a the start of the slide, I make next button
disable. I want to activate next button only after the 3rd layer finishes.

For this i had disabled the button as the timeline started. and on Layer 3
i had given the trigger as change state of next button as normal.

This works fine if i keep menu free. But next button changes to normal but
does not go to next slide if i keep menu as Restricted.

Please help


Dave Cox

If you want the navigation buttons to work, you need to leave the navigation options set to free. You can restrict the menu by updating the setting in the frame.xml file when you publish your project. 

After you publish your project, go into the storyline output/story_content folder. Open the frame.xml file in notepad. In notepad, press Ctrl-F and search for the word flow. The value just to the right of the flow option will be value="free". Change it to value="restricted". 

If you created a zip file for your LMS, copy and replace this file in the .zip folder with your updated file. 

This will restrict the menu, while allowing you to control when the navigation buttons may be used.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Parul,

If you're using the Restricted menu as a part of the player settings, that'll stop the user from advancing using the next button until the timeline of the slide has finished, which is what could be interfering with your next button triggers as it won't be enabled till that timeline is done (although it'll still look in the normal state) . 

If you're still having difficulty after making the changes within your .story file you may want to upload a copy here so that folks can take a look! I can't assist with Dave's recommendations to edit the published output, but I suspect other folks in the community would be able to help!

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