Next Button not enabled when revisiting a screen

Jan 21, 2016

I may be missing an easy fix, but I am having trouble enabling the Next Button when revisiting a slide.  What I would like is once the next button has been activated on a slide, it is active on that slide anytime I revisit it.  

The way that things are set up is that you must complete the slide before the next button activates and you can proceed forward.  This works great.  However if I move forward then go back and revisit a completed slide I have to wait for the slide to complete again. 

 Right now i have a few triggers in place to activate the Next Button once the slide has completed.

Here they are:

Slide Triggers:

  • Change State of the next button to NORMAL when the TIMELINE ENDS
  • Change State of the next button to DISABLED when the TIMELINE STARTS

Player Triggers:

  • Jump to NEXT SLIDE when user clicks the next button
  • Jump to PREVIOUS SLIDE when user clicks the next button

What do I need to do to make this happen? Please help.

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Steve Urena

Thanks Christie,

That worked great.  What I figured out though is that I need to make a new variable for each slide. Variables I made was "NextButton" and then the slide name.  For example the intro screen was "NextButtonINTRO".

I also made a text box that shows my variable on the stage that reads "%NextButtonINTRO%" to make sure that my variable was functioning properly.  Then I assigned my triggers to the text box instead of the variable (this seemed to work smoother for some reason).

The Triggers I used were:

  • Set NextButtonINTRO equal to TRUE when timeline ends
  • Change State of the next button to NORMAL when the state of Text Box 1 "%NextButtonINTRO%" is NORMAL If NextButtonINTRO is EQUAL TO, IGNORE CAST TRUE

Once I got this to work I just moved the text box off the stage (still active in the timeline though) so its not visible, and made new variables for each screen and adjusted my triggers accordingly.

One last thing.  I tried using the same variable, just "NextButton", on every screen and it worked when I previewed it, but not when I published it.  Not really sure why.

Hopefully this helps anyone else in my same predicament.  And if anyone figures out a simpler way to make this happen I would love to hear it.

Tembo Tembo


I am trying to solve a similar issue: can anybody give me hint on how to solve it?

I see that this was solved somehow here but I do not know how to set the condition with "textentry" variable.

Thanks in advance for the help.


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