Enabling Next Button Upon Revisiting a Slide

Jul 24, 2015

Hey all!

I have a lot of Paused Timeline interactions in my slides, and don't want my users to skip a slide, so I have manually set the triggers to have my Next button's state as Disabled when the slide timeline starts, and to set its state to Normal when the timeline ends. This is causing me a problem when I use the Previous button - cause I want it to have skipped all of the slides interaction and start the slide at the end so you can readily press Next again if you wanted.

And here's the issue: even when using the "When Revisiting: Resume Saved State" slide property, my Next button is still disabled, but the interaction is all completed.

SO, I just don't know where I am going wrong. All I want is my users to use the previous button without having to interact with the slide again in order to use the next button.


If anyone has a solution or knows of a thread that can help, please let me know! :) Thanks!

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Tembo Tembo


I am trying to solve a similar issue: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/how-to-return-to-the-saved-state-and-ignore-triggers#reply-603886 can anybody give me hint on how to solve it?

I see that this was solved somehow here but I do not know how to set the condition with "textentry" variable.

Thanks in advance for the help.


N. M.


I am having the same issue with the disabled next button. I followed the instructions with the variables on this thread, but it still isn't showing up correctly when revisiting the slide. 

Could you check these two slides to see what the "user error" is?

Thank you so much!




Walt Hamilton

Actually, the problem I see is that after the Next button becomes enabled on the first slide, it always shows, even while revisiting.

At the end of the timeline for slide 1 slidevisited is set to true, and is always true forever. To make it work the way you have it set, you need to use a unique variable for every slide, like slidevisited1, slidevisited2, etc.

Judy Nollet

Hi, Nia,

Walt is correct (as usual). 

FYI: Depending on the length of your course and the number of interactive slides, you might want to set the overall navigation to Restricted. When that's done in the Player, Storyline will automatically disable the Next button until the timeline ends. And it will keep it enabled after that. No triggers are needed. 

To ensure users complete interactions, you would add triggers using unique variables, as discussed in this thread. Those triggers would override the built-in restriction function, so the Next would only enable when your triggers tell it to. 

This post provides more details and a demo file for both ways of controling the Next button: