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Feb 12, 2015

Hi all,

I have a problem. A user has reported that their NEXT button, on the player skin, doesn't work. I tried to replicate the issue with her user account on my PC but can't.

She says she has tried two different computers to no avail. Does anybody know of a bug that could be causing this or a way to fix the issue? It appears to only be happening with her and no other users. 

Your support and wisdom are greatly appreciated!

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Aaron Leary

Hi Wendy,

It was just one until a whole class logged in to use the site and then it happened to about a quarter of them.

It's being offered via my own site using LearnDash LMS and GrassBlade LRS but I can't see how either of those integrations would affect the articulate next button.

It works on ScormCloud fine. Have you heard of this issue before?

Wendy Farmer

Have you tried republishing the course and uploading again - I haven't heard of this issue with Next on the player but I have witnessed it with a custom next button where an image was partially covering the next button so there was only a hit and miss chance the user would pick the area to click  and progress.  Can they use the menu to progress and if so when they move to another slide can they use the previous button? 

Aaron Leary

Hi Wendy,

I haven't tried to republish but if it persists I may have to. I remove the menu on my player so children can't skip activities and disrupt the flow of the learning sequence. I may have to publish with a menu as a way of of allowing them to bypass the next button but that's not ideal.

Do you think it's likely to be a problem with the browser or school system setup?

Aaron Leary

Hi Steve,

It would seem not. The slide in question was 12 seconds long with slide advance setting set to 'by user'. 

It's definitely some kind of bug somewhere as I can't replicate it in the office but I am concerned that as more schools use the site I have no idea of (A) what may cause it and (B) how to fix it. The error was consistent in user accounts that were opened from different computers in the classroom. Yet others - fine! 

Cindy Daoust

I've noticed the same issue. The Next button won't work until the slide gets to the end of the timeline, regardless of what the trigger says. We have our navigation set to "restricted" which we thought just applied to the menu. (Perhaps this was the case in Storyline 1?)

If you choose Restricted as your navigation method, does it control both the menu and the Next button?

Julie Stelter
Cindy Daoust

If you choose Restricted as your navigation method, does it control both the menu and the Next button?

In Storyline 2, the answer is yes. There are two workarounds:


2. Wendy Farmer suggested a couple of days ago to shorten the timeline to 1 sec. I htink this would only work if there is no audio. 

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