Next Button Not Working on Quiz Interaction

Looking for some help on a multiple choice quiz interaction. We have chosen to use "Next" instead of "Submit" for our quiz questions, so I have set the Submit Interaction trigger to start when the user clicks the next button. However, now it seems the Next button does not take the learner to the next question. I have not seen this before and I'm sure there is a simple fix, but I'm stuck. I've tried looking at the trigger order and that doesn't seem to be the issue, since the "Submit Interaction" trigger has to come first.

Any help appreciated! Thank you! (file is attached)

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That is strange and most likely caused by using the built in navigation as opposed to using your own buttons.  Here is a (klunky but effective) work around for you:

  1. change your questions to add feedback
  2. set your feedback template to a blank one and delete everything on the feedback layers
  3. set both your correct and incorrect (now empty) layers to advance to the next slide at timeline start for the layer.

The slide actions now fire like this:

  1. user selects an answer and clicks next
  2. the question is submitted and the appropriate (empty) feedback layer is shown for the briefest of moments 
  3. the feedback layer immediately sends the user to the next question

Not ideal, but as long as you are using the built in player navigation instead of your own custom navigation, this will get you to where you want to be.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Amanda!

Thanks for attaching your file! It's nice to see exactly what the issue is.

I see what you're noticing, but you could actually remove the submit interaction trigger. As long as your results slide includes the question slides, the next button will automatically submit the answer.

I've made this change to show you! Let me know if you have any questions.