Next button restriction problem on LMS

Mar 04, 2013


I have created course in articulate storyline with custom skin. I want to restrict next button until all interactivity was visited by user.

 I did this as mentioned in below link and it works fine locally.

I have published the course for AICC. I want to work above functionality on LMS.

Required output on LMS is as follows:

1.     On first Attempt of slide, Next button trigger was not allow until all interactivity visited.

2.     On second attempt of same slide, Next button trigger allow if interactivity was previously visited.   

Can anyone help me to achieve above functionality on LMS.

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Padmavati Hambar

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your replay.

I have tried resume saved state property but this property does not fulfill my requirement.

I just want to play slide from initial state on second visit and somehow I want to know is slide visited previously.  

Let me know is it possible to track page viewed or not previously each time when I visit slide.  

Peter Anderson

Hi Padmavati, 

I'm sorry, but I think I may still be a little unclear as to what exactly you're hoping for. Are you hoping to pass information onto your LMS that states whether a user has returned to a slide a second time? I'm not sure if that's something your LMS will be able to report on. Here is an article that explains the exact data that Storyline will send to an LMS. It's up to the LMS, however, to translate and present that data.

Please feel free to share any further information you can to help me and others understand what you'd like to do. Sorry for the confusion

Padmavati Hambar

Hi Peter,

Here is my requirement.

  1. All slides in the course are mandatory, i.e. User must view all content and listen all audios completely and visit all interactivities to moves to next slide. till then next button will be in disable state.
  2. Once user complete that slide, next button will be enabled for him/her and s/he can move to next slide.
  3. If user comes back to slide which is already completed then next button on that slide should be enabled and does not need him/her to attempt that slide again.
  4. We want this data to be sent to LMS and retrieve on second attempt. Aslo we want course to behave as per point 3 in second attempt

Note: We are not using Storyline's default skin. We have custom next/back button on each slide.

I hope above info help you to understand the requirement.

Peter Anderson

Thanks, Padmavati

  1. Sounds like this is working, correct? 
  2. Same as above
  3. With your slide properties set to Resume Saved State, in combination with
  4. Enabling the Resume functionality, I would think this would meet your requirements

If not, are you able to send us your file so we can have a closer look at it? You can open a ticket here, and on the second page you'll have a chance to attach your .story file. 


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