Next Button Slow to Respond When Clicked

I'm using Storyline 360 and I now notice on my module that the NEXT button is slow to respond when clicked and move to the next slide.   Seems to be a delay of about 2-3 seconds before clicking again moves to the next slide and is common on all slides.   I have checked for triggers, transitions, etc. but module is pretty basic with no heavy graphics, etc.   I haven't run into this before but thought I'd reach out and see if someone might have some ideas.

P.S.  It happens in both preview mode and published mode.  About 30 slides in the module.

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Wendy Farmer

Glad it was that easy Neil -

can you shorten your timeline, or if you wanted a visual cue you could set a trigger to change state of the Next button to disabled on timeline start so the user sees it's not active and then set another trigger to change state to Normal when timeline ends or when media completes (depends on what objects are on your slide).