"Next" Buttons Triggering Clicks

Mar 19, 2021


I'm hoping someone with a bit more experience can help me with a button/trigger issue I'm having. I'm creating a course that has some slides that go into a software simulation activity in Storyline 360. In the course we have custom navigation "buttons" (shapes with triggers) that allow the user to navigate to the previous, next, home, and help slides. They work all throughout the course as expected; however, when I use the next button (the object not the one in the player) on the slide before the software simulation starts it triggers a click on the first slide of the simulation triggering the wrong answer layer. I can't figure out how to stop it from registering click that doesn't occur when using the button. Help?  

Here's the "button" we created as well as the trigger: 


And here's how what it does when the button is clicked: 

I'm sure it's just a case of the trigger not being set correctly for this transition, since it works as expected everywhere else. If it helps, when the next button in the player itself is used this doesn't occur. 

Thanks for any help you can give!



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Steve Hazelton

Hi Shyla -

Not sure why it's doing that, but try replacing the hotspot with a rectangular shape. Remove the outline. Keep a fill color (doesn't matter what color) but change the transparency to 100% (right-click, format shape). That gives you a solid but invisible equivalent to a hotspot. Then just adjust your triggers to point to the rectangle and delete the hotspot.

Shapes used this way have a lot more flexibility than hotspots.