Next/previous buttons, layers and slides

Jun 09, 2016

Hi,  I'm trying to use the next button to visit the layers and then to move to the next slide. 

I've read previous discussions and have be able to do it through variables. What I am having trouble with is using the previous button and it still working.

For example if I set up the variables on slide two then revisit slide one, the variable no longer works on slide two.  

Is there away to reset the variable to zero once off the slide? Or another fix anyone can suggest?


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Cary Glenn

If you want the person to view the whole slide before continuing there are a couple of solutions. One, have the variable change at the end of the slide or cue point. This would work if they don't need to view the entire slide when they return. Two, put in a trigger to set the variable to zero (though I prefer true/false variable for this) at the start of the slide and a second trigger to adjust the variable at the end of the slide or cue point.

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