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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Rebecca and welcome to Heroes!

Yup, you should see that trigger appear on the base layer - and if you'd like the user to only be able to advance to the next slide after interacting with particular elements on your layer, you could use a method such as the one detailed here to disable the next button until the user interacts with the elements.

Nancy Teo

Hi Ashley,

I am currently working on a lesson whereby the layer would be shown as long as the students have attempted the question (i.e. all the drag objects are dropped. The students can get it wrong or right, but the layer will still show).

However, the trigger does not seem to work. :(

Thank you for your help in advance. 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Nancy

is this the same slide I did a sample for you last night? Here is the video and the story file is attached.

Because the trigger is based on 'when timeline ends' it will depend how quick/slow your users are to drag...you'll see in the video the next layer shows before I have finished dragging, yet in the second example I have to wait for the timeline to end.  Maybe it would be better to have a button that says 'check my answer' or 'am I right' so the user clicks when they have finished the DnD.

Nancy Teo

Hi Wendy, 

Yes, it is the same. 

So it is not possible to have one where the layer would only be shown after the student completed the drag and drop?

That is, it will not be dependent on the timeline or if they student get it right or wrong. 

I would like the trigger to be such that the student would be brought another layer after he/she attempted the drag and drop, regardless of they have gotten it right or wrong. 

Since the state would not be normal after being drag and drop, hence i have the trigger such that all the drag button would not be normal and new layer would show. 

Thank you once again for the help. 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Nancy

there is always more than one way in SL to do things. I’ve found that SL doesn’t really like triggers with the ‘is normal’ or ‘is not normal’ states so you could add a heap of triggers as you can’t be sure which drag item is going to be dragged in which order. I find using the offstage objects makes it easy.