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David Tait

Interesting idea, I've never seen this in software before. Does any of the other software you use have this feature?

I did a quick search online and found this setting in Windows that might help: https://www.windowscentral.com/12-days-tech-tips-use-windows-10s-night-light-improve-sleep-quality-and-reduce-eye-strain

Soren J Birch

"Night mode" or low contrast themes have been available for software development kits for a decade now. It is slowly creeping into mainstream applications as well. Adobe Creative Suite has offered "dark mode" skins in their software since the last release of Creative Suite CS6 in 2012.

Dark mode would be lovely :)

Gerry Wasiluk

As long as there was a choice of, say, two or three color modes that would be the absolute best and great to have.

I knew quite a few folks who hate dark mode, despite the advantages, myself included.

I'm afraid if Articulate changed this it would be "one way" only.  Give folks choice on more things, please.