No Access to Enter Key from Feedback Layers

Mar 29, 2018

In a graded quiz, once a feedback layer appears to indicate correct or incorrect, we would like the learner to be able to advance to the next question (slide) by pressing the Enter key (a common default lots of folks just expect). This does not seem to work with a feedback layer. I have placed the trigger on the feedback layer, on the base layer, made it unassigned, and anything else I can imagine, but it seems as if the keyboard is disabled when a feedback layer is showing.

How can we get an advance to the next slide from a feedback layer by simply pressing the Enter key?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi John

I see the same behaviour. It's because when the layer shows the slide layer is not 'in focus' - if you click on the slide layer then press enter the slide advances but that is not intuitive for the user. I tried a couple of things but the user still needs to click to bring the layer into focus before SL realises and you can press enter.

Sorry I can't be more help - hopefully someone will have a workaround for you.

John Luttrell

Hi John and Wendy!

I'm experiencing this same issue and have been hammering on it this week. It does seem like a focus issue in the browser. I have a project where the learner types into a text entry control and press Enter to submit their answer. The Enter key works fine on the text entry on the base layer, but when the feedback layer (Correct or Incorrect) appears, focus gets lost and the learner has to click on the Continue button.

However, if you click anywhere on the slide, and then press Enter it works fine. You can even use the Tab key repeatedly to "rotate" focus from the browser window to the address field and other parts of the browser until focus is on the player and the Enter key works.

I've tested this with a colleague who has SL3. I'm using SL360. If he publishes the same project with exact same publish settings, the Enter key works fine on the feedback layer. But, when I publish on SL360 it doesn't work.

Also, if I publish to Flash rather than HTML5, it also works fine. We're deploying to desktop and mobile devices, so it has to be HTML5.

I have submitted a ticket on this issue. I believe it's a bug in SL360.

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