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Wendy Farmer

Hi Irene

if you're using SL2 you could add the following triggers:

On base layer:

Change state of next button to disabled when timeline starts

On final layer

Change state of next button to normal when timeline starts/ends/ or when they click a button (depends how they are interacting with the objects on the layer)

Wendy Farmer

Hi Irene

here is a quick sample - hard to know what your setup is but with mine I have a base slide with two layers. I created a T/F variable that gets triggered to true

when the user clicks close button on the second layer. 

On the base layer I have a trigger to jump to next slide when user clicks next button on condition that 'toNext' = true.

So on the base layer you can click next but it won't go anywhere until they have clicked both buttons and visited both layers.

Hope that helps or gives you an idea.  If not, you can upload your story file using the 'Add Attachment' button and someone will try and offer a  solution.