No cursor in screen recording

Jan 10, 2024

I created a screen recording yesterday (after a SL update) and the recording has no cursor in it. I tried to re-record it today thinking maybe I missed something, maybe I didn't click on something that would show the cursor, but I saw no option for that. Not sure if this is a bug with the new update or what? Do I have to manually insert a cursor somehow and create the path for it? 

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Zeta Kilbride

I did step by step slides, because I wanted the learner to be clicking through some of the slides and for just a couple of them to be longer videos - which I made happen by going into the "capture action fine tuning" and drawing it out. The "show mouse cursor" thing was not an option when I made either of these recordings. Here's the file I'm working on, so you can see if you'd like.

Ron Price

Hello Zeta.

In the example you attached, you had inserted the Screen Recording in "Try Mode".  Try mode will not have Mouse Cursors, since the idea is for the user to "do" the steps.  The mouse will appear in the Video and the View modes when you are "showing" the steps.

If you need a mouse cursor, you can manually add one by selecting Insert. The Mouse option is on the far right of the ribbon toolbar under the Scrolling Panel.



Zeta Kilbride

ok thanks, yeah, i definitely want this to be an interactive experience for the learner, but not to have them do every single click, kind of a combo thing. I thought i'd done something like this in the past and there was a cursor in the recorded parts, but perhaps I'm misremembering. I'll try adding a cursor manually.