No menu slide output issue

Oct 01, 2013

Hi all!

I have just published my first Storyline project and where I have added a customised slide layout for the first few slides of my course (no menu, but with glossary and resources tabs selected) the slide is showing slightly over the tabs on the right. See 2nd image below...

Anyone had this issue before?

FYI - it doesn't appear to happen when the 'menu' is shown, in my case, on the left. See 1st image... and it only happens in the HTML 5 output.

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Dennis Hall

Hi Louise:

It looks like your content is a WebObject. Is this the case?

If yes, WebObjects will not zoom in or out based on the browser zoom level.

First, run the story and check that your browser is not at 110% (example) zoom level.

If your zoom is at 100%, check the size of your WebObject on the stage.

When using WebObjects, you have no control over zooming in or out.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

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