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Andrew Probert

Thanks for the response Michael.  Storyline only seems to offer one type of shadow for text.  I'd like to add an inner shadow.  Shapes in Storyline have the same shadow options as powerpoint, but text only has the one shadow options.  I guess I'm getting a little frustrated with the design limitations of Storyline.  I created in Powerpoint and then imported to Storyline and much of the formatting was off and the overall quality of the images looks worse.  

Bruce Graham


Studio '13 is the product that you should use if you are wedded to PowerPoint.

I am sure Storyline will develop in future releases, but we are only at v1, and the current features are well-documented.

You just have to think outside of what you know - there are many people creating extraordinary content despite these "limitations".

Tony Mills

So here we are almost 7 years later, and we're converting Studio 13 to Storyline 360, mostly because of the Flash problem,  plus well-informed advice that many of the annoying glitches with S13 have been carefully preserved in Studio 360.

Unfortunately, all the slide titles convert as a JPEG, and if you need to edit them, as we often do, the JPEG must be deleted and replaced by a text box, for which the effects used in S13 are still not available.  If we keep the titles we don't need to edit, we end up with inconsistent style.

I don't think that "You just have to think outside of what you know - there are many people creating extraordinary content despite these "limitations" is particularly helpful; of course there are other ways of doing things but with some 1,000 slides to convert, including hundreds of  Engage interactions ("untitled" in Storyline menu, title has to be re-entered manually........grrrrr.......) it's a PITA to have to change every slide title, for example, and even then only to second-best.

Bruce's optimism that Articulate a decent range of text effects would develop in future Storyline releases was misplaced. Or was it?

Ren Gomez

Hi Jon,

Thanks for sharing the trouble you're experiencing when importing Studio 13' files into Storyline 360. You're correct in that certain objects will convert to images when they are not native to Storyline, such as Smart Art graphics. This article shares more:

Are there effects applied to the slide titles that are causing them to import as images and not text boxes?

While we acknowledge this feature was requested seven years ago, the impact and benefit it would bring to the majority of users are key factors we take into account. You can read more about how we manage feature requests here.

I know this doesn't help out your situation, but I hope this sheds some light on our process and how we implement requests. If you'd like additional ideas on how to improve converting your old courses, our support team is always on standby and ready to lend a hand!