No tracing & tracking with launcher.html

I published a project (SCORM) to launch the content in a new window. We uploaded the zip to the LMS (Fuse) and at first it didn't open as a popup.

In the file index_lms.html I changed the line strContentLocation = "story.html" to strContentLocation = "launcher.html" and now it opens in a new window!

The problem now is that tracing and tracking does not work (we can only see that the module is registered as started).

I hope there is anyone who can help us...

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Dennis Hall

Hi Chris:

Your LMS should really control the new window launch and you should always just start with story.html as it controls all the logic and calls the correct Javascripts.

I assume you LMS cannot open a new window, so my suggestion is to have a programmer merge the files (launcher.html and story.html) so you have the new window open AND maintain the links to the JavaScript files.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Chris Dorna

Ashley Terwilliger said:

Hi Chris,

I'm glad that Dennis was able to assist you here, even if it wasn't the answer you were looking for. If you need anything else please let us know! 

Hi Ashley,

Merging story.html and launcher.html doesn't seem to be an option. But would merging launcher.html into index_lms.html an option? And if so has anyone done this before?


Tony Chilvers

I am looking for a solution to this very same issue.

Our LMS (shared) has hard coded headers and footers into course windows that it generates as pop-ups. The way we have got around this is to use custom HTML packages that use window.parent.opener to pass calls back to the LMS. Looking at the code in Launcher.html there is no API connection set up so, changing the manifest to point to Launcher will break the SCORM connection.

Are we really two years on from this being raised with no solution?

Tony Chilvers

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tony,

We don't support modifications to the published output or custom LMS solutions, so that's why there is no official solution here. You may want to reach out to other users in this thread using the 'contact me' button on their profiles to see if they are able to share specifics of what they ended up using. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tony,

I apologize if my answer was not clear, but as mentioned at the top of this thread, it's dependent on the LMS. There is an option to launch in a new window in Storyline, but it'll depend on the LMS's ability to do so. The ideas shared in this thread and others in the forums are what users have done and created to be able to work around restrictions in their LMS.