Non entrance animations

Hi everyone,

I would like an object to animate after a slide has started (not an entrance animation). I have a list of divisions and after a general description has been given I would like each division name to pulse and trigger a layer for that division.

Is there any way to create an animation mid slide? I can only seem to create entrance animations or exit animations.




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Minas Pinelis

In case anyone is following I got it to work. Here is my slide. I want Information & Technology to "pulse/grow" and then show a description when animation is done.

I set an animation trigger on the shape when timeline starts (did not set an exit animation). (that got the animation mid slide, not an entrance animation)

Then to have info pop up I set a layer trigger for when the animation completes.

My only issue now is to try and slow down when the layer pops up.

I have added the scene if anyone want's to see it in action.